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Class: F1 - Dahlia, Straight Cactus, Semi Cactus, Incurved Cactus

Class: F2 - Dahlia, Decorative, Informal Decorative

Class: F3 - Dahlia, Laciniated

Class: F4 - Dahlia, Ball, Miniature Ball, Pompom

Class: F5 - Dahlia, Stellar

Class: F6 - Dahlia, Waterlily

Class: F7 - Dahlia, Novelty Open or Fully Double
Class: F8 - Dahlia, Peony

Class: F9 - Dahlia, Anemone

Class: F10 - Dahlia, Collarette

Class: F11 - Dahlia, Single

Class: F12 - Dahlia, A.O.V.

Class: F13 - Dahlia, A.O.V., C.V.A.

Any Other Variety
Colour Variation Allowed