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Class: C1 - HERB – any one variety

Class: C2 - COLLECTION OF HERBS– 3 or more distinct varieties

Class: C3 - Plant in bloom

Class: C4 - Foliage Plant

Class: C5 - Fern, any variety

Class: C6 - Begonia
Class: C7 - Fuchsia (1 or more plants)

Class: C8 - Plant(s) in Bloom

Class: C9 - Hanging Floral Basket

Class: C10 - Cactus Plant

Class: C11 - Pelargonium (geranium)
Class: C12 - Container Grown Flower - Excluding house plants

Class: C13 - Container Grown Vegetable or Fruit

Class: C14 - Pepper or Tomato plant

Class: C15 - 3 Different Vegetables or Fruit
Class: C16 - Hanging Basket (vegetable or fruit)

Class: C17 - Fairy Garden (container or hanging basket)