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Class: B1 - Beans

Class: B2 - Beets

Class: B3 - Carrots

Class: B4 - Cucumbers, Long English Type

Class: B5 - Cucumbers, Pickling (2 to 3 in. long)
Class: B6 - Leeks
Class: B7 - Eggplant
Class: B8 - Onions

Class: B9 - Garlic

Class: B10 - Garlic, Elephant

Class: B11 - Parsnips, A.O.V.
Class: B12 - Peppers, Green

Class: B13 - Peppers

Class: B14 - Potatoes

Class: B15 - Shallots

Class: B16 - Squash

Class: B17 - Zucchini (not over 8 inches)

Class: B18 - Tomatoes, Outdoor Red (stems on, not miniature)

Class: B19 - Tomatoes, Outdoor Paste (Roma for example, stems on, not miniature)

Class: B20 - Tomatoes, Outdoor any colour except red (stems on not miniature)

Class: B21 - Tomatoes, Miniature (may contain some green fruit)

Class: B22 - Tomatoes, Novelty-any colour, any size(may contain some green fruit-e.g. Candyland Red, Grape)

Class: B23 - Vegetable, A.O.V. (not listed)

Class: B24 - Collection Vegetables, 3 distinct kinds

Class: B25 - Unusual Vegetable (in size, shape or form)

Class: B26 - Cabbage


Any Other Variety