heartFebruary's Showbench

This Months Theme:
February is Heart Health Month. Here are some common heart idioms.

  1. Close to the Heart; a design incorporating an accessory that has a fond memory for you

  2. Eat Your Heart Out: a design incorporating fruit(s) and or vegetable(s)
  3. Straight from the Heart: an arrangement featuring red flowers

  4. A Heart of Gold: a design featuring yellow or gold flowers

  5. Flowering Branch at least 12 inches long
  6. House Plant (foliage)
  7. House Plant (in bloom)
  8. Cactus or Succulent

  9. Winter Outdoor Container

  10. Any potted Orchid in bloom
  11. 1 plate stored Fruit or Vegetable (3)
  12. Hellebore blooms (3)
  13. Vase of Snowdrops with foliage (3)
  14. Vase of Heather (5)
  15. Decorative exhibit of Pressed, Dried or Preserved Flowers

  16. Anything Not Listed Above