November Showbench

Show Shedule ImageNo Judging! You get a 5 points just for participating!

Photos can be sent via email attachment to . Be sure to include the class number for each photo in the email.

This Months Theme:

Putting Up For Winter

In times gone by, people would bring their crops in and 'put up' their harvest for the winter. Whether that was preserving, fermenting, canning or storing in a cellar, it was essential for winter survival. Now we are spoiled by our access to year-round fresh food and goods.

Instead of our usual show bench. Please send in pictures to  showing items that you are 'putting up'  for winter. Maybe that's a newly knitted warm pair of socks, a batch of cookies for the freezer, preserved fruits or vegetables or even collected seeds. If you have a story or a historical picture of you and your family preparing for winter, please pass it along too.


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