May Showbench

spring garden

No Judging! You get a 5 points just for participating!

Photos can be sent via email attachment to . Be sure to include the class number for each photo in the email.
Remember that most cell phones have an excellent camera. If you would prefer to take your pictures with your phone and share them via text, send a message to SBGC Information and we will send you a phone number you can text your pictures to.

This Months Theme:
Backyard Birds

We have all had such fun bird watching and taking pictures, we thought it might be fun to interpret our backyard birds in floral design

  1. Hummingbird: A petite design not to exceed 9 inches in any directions
  2. Sandhill Crane: A vertical design
  3. Bluejay: A design incorporating blue accents and/or flowers and/or accessories
  4. Robin: A design of your own interpretation

    Show Bench: Fruit, Flowers and Vegetable Section Must Be from the Members Gardens, Not Borrowed or Purchased.

  5. Tulips, any type, 3 stems, CVA
  6. Tulip, any type single stem
  7. Narcissus, any type, 3 stems CVA
  8. Narcissus, any type 1 stem
  9. Spring Flowering Bulb, AOV
  10. Pansies or Violas, 5 cuts
  11. Lily of the Valley, 3 stems
  12. Primula, 3 stems
  13. Muscari, 5 stems
  14. Rhododendron, 1 truss
  15. Azalea, 1 branch
  16. Flowering Branch, minimum 12”
  17. Potted Indoor Plant, 1 plant per pot
  18. Asparagus, 3 spears
  19. Rhubarb, 3 stalks
  20. Radish, 3
  21. Herb, any variety
  22. Spring Vegetable, any variety
  23. Spring Garden Sampler
  24. Anything not listed above