South Burnaby Garden Club

May Showbench

Donna Lawson is our guest judge for the May Showbench.

  1. Mother’s Day - An arrangement incorporating pink flowers, no accessories.
  1. Victoria Day - A design of your own interpretation, accessories allowed.
  1. Graduation - A vertical design
  1. May the 4th be with you - An interpretive design. 
Interpretive design
The class title determines the subject to be interpreted. Plant material and other components should be used to convey the theme and atmosphere of the title. Research of the class title may be necessary to aid interpretation (2017 BC Council Floral Design Judging and Exhibiting Standards)

Show Bench: Fruit, flowers and vegetable section must be from the members gardens not borrowed or purchased.

  1. Tulips, single, CVA 3 blooms
  2. Tulips, double, CVA 3 blooms
  3. Tulips, Lily-flowered 3 blooms
  4. Tulips, Multi-headed 1 stem
  5. Narcissus CVA any type allowed
  6. Pansies, CVA 5 cuts
  7. Violas, CVA 5 cuts
  8. Lilly of the Valley, 3 stems
  9. Muscari (grape hyacinth), 5 stems
  10. Primula, 3 stems
  11. Rhododendron, 1 truss
  12. Flowering branch, 1 branch minimum 12”
  13. Potted indoor plant, 1 plant per pot
  14. Potted indoor fern, 1 plant per pot
  15. Asparagus, 3 spears (plate)t
  16. Head of lettuce, (plate)
  17. Rhubarb, 3 stalks (plate)
  18. Radish, 3 (plate)
  19. Herb, any variety
  20. Anything not listed above